As the County Board Chairman, I have made and kept promises:

  • I promised to reduce the budget 30%, and kept that promise, saving $300,000 for Madison County. 

  • I promised to achieve no-kill status for Madison County animal control, and I achieved that status in 2019. All animals, unless sick or dangerous, are now adopted into loving homes.

  • I promised to reduce the county portion of property taxes. I did so in 2016 and have added another referendum to the ballot for November to reduce them again. This reduces the maximum rate, making $1 million per year in tax savings permanent.


We have accomplished a lot, but there is more to do. We need your help to finish the job. We depend on local supporters like you to get our message out. You can help by donating to my campaign. If you want better ethics and lower taxes, please give as generously as possible today.

Thank you for your support!

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