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David Luechtefeld Endorses Kurt Prenzler


October 27, 2020

 Retired Senator and Illinois Hall of Fame Basketball Coach David Luechtefeld announced his endorsement of Kurt Prenzler for County Board Chairman.

“Kurt Prenzler has done an outstanding job as Madison County Board Chairman and deserves to be re-elected.” Luechtefeld said. “Kurt has reduced county spending saving taxpayers $1.8 million per year.”

Kurt Prenzler thanked Senator Luechtefeld for his endorsement and for his incredible service to Madison County. “Senator Luechtefeld established a record of service that all observers agree is outstanding and one with real integrity.” Kurt Prenzler said. “Dave was one to advocate hard work and sound conservative solutions to the myriad of problems facing Illinois.”

Kurt Prenzler as County Board Chairman advocated for property tax caps, installed time clocks to increase employee accountability, demanded competitive bidding and made the county animal shelter “no kill.” These accomplishments and Kurt’s opposition to a sales tax increase made it easy to endorse Kurt according to Former Senator Luechtefeld.

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