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Senate Minority Leader Endorses Kurt Prenzler, CPA
for Re-Election


October 15, 2020

Madison County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler announced and gratefully accepted the endorsement of Senate Republican Leader Bill Brady.

“Bill Brady is one of the most important leaders in the State of Illinois and his endorsement today will provide not only my campaign but me personally with a major boost.” Prenzler stated in accepting the endorsement.

Senator Brady has been minority leader in the State Senate since 2017. He has championed efforts to reduce property taxes and to establish an independent ethics commission.

“My commitment against tax increases is in line with Kurt Prenzler’s. Kurt has encouraged job growth and opposed job-crushing tax increases on small business and actually cut the county’s property tax levy by $1.8 million and passed those savings back to taxpayers,” Senator Brady said.

Prenzler said, “I join with Senator Brady in opposing additional tax increases and his commitment to a government that works to provide efficient and cost-effective services to the families of Illinois.”

Prenzler is running for re-election as Madison County Board Chairman.


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